It’s very simple. All you have to do is go to your device’s App Store (e.g., Google Play Store, Amazon Fire TV, iOS App Store). You can also install it on Windows and on MAC computers by clicking the appropriate link below.

Choose your device below.

1. Android: Google Play Store

2. iOS App Store

3. Windows / PC

4. Macbook

Yes, you must have an internet speed of at least 10mbps for each device. 

Click the EPG button in the menu bar.



Click the “Select button” while in live TV mode. (Screen should not have the info bar. If so, click the back button to remove the info bar). You will see all the channels and categories listed.

See our Pricing page for the most current deals available.

What’s included: Over 500+ channels plus all the sports packages. Packages with up to three codes are available. All devices must be at the same location/IP at all times.

Our service works worldwide! However, all devices on an account must be located in the same building / IP Address. If you use a device at another location it will disable the other devices on your account.

If you receive the “Device Type Not Allowed” error on your screen you must send us the MAC address and Serial Number listed on your screen. You must provide this info for each device that displays this message.

Visit Our Contact Us Page and Send your MAC Address and Serial Number.